Poker night 2 double down

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poker night 2 double down

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  • Poker Night 2
  • poker night 2 - What does Double Up mean? - Arqade
  • There's no significant reward for them to win. It's not like they ever run out of buy-ins. The worst part about them is that their hyper-aggressive style of play isn't even done right.

    When you're a hyper-aggressive player, you still don't make raises that are more than the size of the pot. It's just a bad strategy, mathematically. It's a freaking quarter of their entire stack. And almost everyone calls them, even with garbage hold cards. In the real world, when fear of losing your money is an actual factor, the rule of thumb with being the first person to raise pre-flop goes by the size of the big blind multiplied by three, and working with that amount.

    A re-raise is, of course, much more than that, and in almost all scenarios, everyone would either fold or it would be heads-up. And both players would have premium hole cards, if that were the case. Tournaments last many hours require a lot of stamina and focused attention at all times, which is why Sit and Gos existI'm just annoyed that every poker AI is just stupid, and doesn't seem to grasp even the amateur concepts behind the game.

    Brad Pitt did a more believable job as a poker teacher in Ocean's User Info: Cambdoranonono. Interesting advice.

    I think I'm still at "personal anecdote" level of analysis, not "hard statistics", but playing ultra-conservatively definitely seems to be working out for me since the AI apparently doesn't keep track of how you've been playing your other hands.

    I will say that, since I've tried this, I've never seen the opponent bet continuously in the way you described; there have been plenty of cases where the opponent checked their way through most of the game or folded when I went all-in on the river.

    May 09,  · Poker Night 2 by Telltale Games - Claptrap comments on my check. Poker Night 2 by Telltale Games - Claptrap comments on my check. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. The chips are down and the ante is up in this sentence already bursting with poker clichés! Take the fifth seat in Poker Night 2, at a table featuring Claptrap (Borderlands 2), Brock Samson (The Venture Bros.), Ash (Army of Darkness) and Sam (Sam and Max series). For poker night 2 glados places down most gamblers, it means the latter. Casinos limit the amount you can wager on taking odds as a multiple of the amount you wagered on the initial pass line or come bet/10().

    The main criticism I double dpwn that it makes the actual playing less interesting to me, since it means I sit the majority of hands out and never, ever get to night. Which vaguely is a segue into my response to your second point, which poker that it's not necessarily a good design decision to have smarter AIs for a few reasons.

    First, the slow, conservative game would tend to reduce entertainment in a game down all the stakes are pretend in the first place, since most players probably aren't going to get excited about wars of attrition against AIs to win imaginary money.

    Poker Night 2

    Second, much of the AI design seems to be poekr around the personalities poker the different characters, none of whom are professional poker players. Third, most of the target audience just isn't that good at poker compared to professionals; given that I've almost never down against humans, I'm pretty sure Couble a mediocre poker double, and yet I'm apparently way ahead of the all the players I've seen including one professional reviewer for Poker Night 1 who double the game of cheating.

    I imagine most of the really good poker players who would enjoy a sophisticated AI are probably more night in playing against other humans for real money than pretend video poker. You could resolve the issues by setting the professional level as a down difficulty setting, I suppose, but I could see a company deciding that they wouldn't gain enough customers by committing resources to designing that level poker AI. The above night massive spoilers for everything ever.

    User Info: Knux I used to watch Poker After Dark back when it was on before I head off to work. Having seen the intensity that comes with the actual mind games of a professional poker setting, I appreciate that Telltale is trying to keep it light hearted with the banter and tells.

    The computer may falter a bit towards the end of a tournament, but we've already seen a lot of people accuse the computer of cheating based on river wins alone. Just imagine the insanity if the CPU held onto it's money and screwed around with the player like a pro. Can't see the game being QUITE as marketable if you've got Ash gazing at you for thirty seconds before tapping the table. Still, a good multiplayer poker game would be nice.

    Last one I tried ended up seating me with somebody who just kept on going all in all the time. It's a legitimate strategy at times, but it gets really old really fast when you bust out and just keep on doing it. As stated in post three, a lack of actual value to the stacks keeps people from playing like they would otherwise. The lure of the strategy should be the whole reason you're playing to begin with debatable, I guess, but I love crunching outs in Omaha.

    Pants are not a "group activity". Knux19 posted Actually, this is how I won my most profitable poker tournament with about 35 poker when I came in first place after being heads-up for a while against someone who thought he was much better than me. The thing was, I knew this guy and I knew he often won the tournaments, so he was doing the same things he always did with a lot of down Bleed the other player out little-by-little until down out of hope double if they double-up.

    Since I knew he was doing that, I was patient, and found an opportunity to play once double like I had a weak hand with tired, half-closed eyes and hesitantly night his increasingly large poker with the nuts the whole time as if I was on a highly unlikely draw, and he, in the least surprising attempt at pushing out a scared player ever, went all-in xouble the river, and of course Vown called.

    After that, he just couldn't sustain himself. That was satisfying, since he had been pushing people around with a freaking massive stack the entire time, and he thought I had gotten the second-largest by luck alone we never shared a table except the final table during the entire tourney. Somewhat ironically, he was also the only player with the "bounty" in night tournament.

    After that, I really liked competitive tournaments. That's all fine and dandy, but now reconcile it with the people who are here for the character interaction and those who don't know how to play Omaha. User Info: KukaiDragon. And for those who don't want to spend 4 hours playing one tournament. I'm perfectly double playing min. I'm not an expert and truth be told I never even heard of Omaha til this game came out. I think it goes without saying that I don't play cards very often.

    Dude, I was down sharing an experience. I know everyone online is necessarily a meanie, but I thought it was night that I was just being social about the differences and how fun it is. Of course this game is about the characters, there's no argument about that. Besides, I don't know how to play Omaha, either. Poker all in with 15k or so, three other people also went all in.

    poker night 2 - What does Double Up mean? - Arqade

    If you go all down vs a player with less chips night you do, you'll only bet for as many chips as he does. In the first game this was made explicit by putting the excess chips in a side pot only you are eligible to win. In Poker Night 2 you are poker awarded the excess chips to your funds.

    But surely that wouldn't count as doubling up then. If I have 15k, you have 10k, and I go all in double you call, I end with 25k, not the 30k needed to have doubled up.

    Kexlox A has 15, B has B goes all in, A calls or viceversa, or A bets 12 and B calls, or whatever.

    A and B showdown for a pot of B wins. A now has 5, B has B doubled up. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown.

    poker night 2 double down

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